Beatrice is the ruler of all!  She has no idea she weighs all of 6 pounds. She often cuddles up with Nelly (standard poodle) and takes a long afternoon nap with her besets friend. She loves playing.  Her favorite toy currently is a feathery toy on the end of a stick that flicks all around. She loves springs and balls and most of all, water bottle caps. Her most favorite treat is butter. That’s right, butter, straight out of the plastic container. Most of the time she will leave a bit smudged in her whiskers for her evening treat! Beast is an amazing mother. She nurtures and loves her kittens until the day they leave her. When we take pictures of her kittens she will sit right next to them and groom them in between shots. Beast sleeps in bed with her favorite human that day and often consumes the entire pillow herself. She loves grass and cat nip as treats. We are so excited she has turned out to be a great mom.