Remembering what a kitten is like…..

It is so easy to forget what having a new kitten is like. They are fragile 2 pounds of pure curiosity depending on you to keep them safe and help them develop good habits. Keeping your new kitten in a small space with food, water, and a litter box is essential. When they are out of their space, it is important to return them to potty every few hours until they begin to return to their box on their own.

A new home is stressful to anyone. It is important to have a routine for your new family member. The most important habit is the liter box. Kittens are liter trained at 4 weeks. They play throughout my home, and return to their box every 60-90 minutes while awake. Food is equally important. Kittens have sensitive stomachs. If you are going to change their food or liter, it is so important to gradually make changes over 2-3 weeks.