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Why choose our kittens?

Unmatched Personalities

All of our cats are DNA tested for genetic defects. Our kittens are guaranteed healthy!! Our cats are raised in home with kids and 2 standard poodles
(Nelly and Cinder).
They are loved and given attention constantly!
Our mission is to send our kittens to homes where they are loved as much as we love them!

From Our Home

Our family fell in love with Scottish folds. We cant wait for you to experience all the love and affection these almost humans will give to you. Our folds are full of personality. They meercat (often starting at 3-4 weeks), talk, and run the household to the best of their abilities!

If you find a kitten on the available page that you must have, please email or text me. We will verify it is available and ask some important questions! We will not take any deposits until 3-4 weeks old so we can be sure the kitten is folded or not. Kittens will go home around 8 weeks but it will depend on there weight and eating habits.

We cant wait for you to experience how much love and joy your Scottish Fold will bring to your life.


My wife and I have been searching for the “purr”fect cat for months when we came upon Stanley’s World. The quality, attentiveness, health testing, and health guarantee that Annette offers is unmatched.  Our new addition is beautiful, outgoing, social, and high quality thanks to the attention to detail. We were able to meet the mom and dad before committing to a kitten which gave us peace of mind that they were well bred and socialized within the home.


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